Worldwide Chris. ~Hannah Blue {Interview}

I spoke with Chris Lawson—nicknamed Worldwide Chris—from his home-base of Indianapolis, IN. Chris has almost literally been playing pool since he was in diapers; he had his first mini table by the age of three, and won his first in 9-ball championship, at the age of 23, in 1994.

Chris then quit the world of professional pool and moved away from his home-town of Wichita, KS. Sometimes “real life” just gets in the way; he had kids to support, so he took a job with the Indianapolis Star newspaper.

After an 18 year gap, Chris is back in the world of professional billiards. Chris is an authorized APA instructor, and he’s won multiple state titles, multiple regional tours, and has had several top finishes on the pro tour. He’s a player rep for Hustlin USA clothing company, and is sponsored by Meucci Cues; Chris has designed multiple cues for Meucci, and is also a Meucci dealer.

Because of the nearly 20 year “break” Chris took from the world of billiards, he is in a unique position to see how the industry has changed: much like how you may not notice your own game improving, but a friend who hasn’t seen you play in a year can immediately tell the difference.

“When I was playing it was directional felt—now its cloth. The pockets are smaller, the cue balls are lighter, rails are bouncier… other than the smaller pockets, it’s easier overall. And there’s definitely less people playing pool. Americans are no longer the best players in the world. Bar table pool and one pocket have exploded.”

Here’s what else Chris has to say.

Hannah Blue: Do you remember your first professional match?

Chris Lawson: My first professional match was at a event in Southern California, in 1989. I got a free entry for helping set up the tables at the hotel. I had never played in such a big event up to that point. My first match was against Danny Medina, who back then was a top 10 player. I was playing well at the time but had