Wrapping Taters and Doing Dishes. ~ Greg Hogue

It’s hard to forget the first time I tried to earn money so I could go gamble at pool…

I was right around 12 years of age. Frank Morton, my pops, had started taking me to the Q-Spot on 31st and Sheridan In Tulsa, OK, letting me learn the ins and outs of how pool worked. Just as I loved it as a five year old, I loved it even more at 12.

As with any newly found skill, learning new things about it comes with a price.

Mine was $5 nine ball and $1 and $2 ring games.

Pop would give me 40 bucks or so each night as he dropped me off at Q-Spot’s room with the owners, Dale and Wilma Howerton. He would then go and help Mr. Tyrone run his award winning Jamil’s Steak House.

This one particular week had been pretty tough at the Q-Spot: All the much older players had beaten me up pretty badly and got me broke.

So, I went to pop and asked, “How about I come to work with you tonight so I can make some money and play more pool?”

Pop looked at me like I was flat-out crazy, but he saw how much I enjoyed pool. He said okay, and the next night I went off to work with Pop to Jamil’s.

I thought this was a big deal, with my white button up shirt, black slacks and shiny shoes. Yep, a big deal, right up until I got there. It was hot, loud and super fast-paced. There were people flying in all different directions; I was over