Your Brain is a Lousy Pool Player. ~ David Sapolis

Let’s face it, some of us just think too much.

We think about winning, we think about losing. We think about what can go right, and we crush those thoughts by thinking about everything that can go wrong. Early on, we learn how to train our mind to crush the positive with the negative. In this chapter, I will show you how to crush the negative with the positive.

The Brain is a Computer.

Early on, when you first began playing the game, positive feelings were generated by enjoyment, success, and the love for the game’s challenges. At some level, you enjoyed the game, and linked certain positive emotions to the experiences that you were having either watching or playing the game. Your mind, working as a computer, filed these experiences in a folder, which are part of a complicated operating system. Let’s call this system, “The Brain.”

The Brain is a complicated system that operates on the programs and files that are stored in it. If you want to access a certain program, you need to locate it and then run the program.