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SPM Magazine Issue 28

SPM Magazine featuring Savannah "The Roadrunner" Easton. Savannah is making her Mark in the Billiards Industry. SPM feature stories The Drill Instructor, Brad Swain and article on Efren Reyes! Check it out here in Issue 28!

SPM Magazine Issue 27 Cover Photo Hot New Issue

SPM's HOT NEW ISSUE! Check out Issue 27 of SPM Magazine, the industries leading billiards magazine helping shape the future of Billiards News and Media Industry. On this cover we have Neight Mindham, Lil' Chris, and Sharivari, Some of the Billiards Industrie's top infulencers.

SPM Issue 26 - New Year's Feature

Gloria Jean, Founder of the Ride The 9 Tour sponsored by Simonis, is featured on the new year's issue of SPM Magazine.

April Larson "The Grinder" SPM Magazine Issue 25 Cover

April Larson "The Grinder" hits the 25th Issue of SPM Magazine. With a surprise inside and a glimpse at what her future holds, April officially announces a special moment in this interview conducted by SPM's own new Editor in Chief, Kathryn Day. Many videos inside should have you curious what SPM Magazine is doing next!

Charles Lakey "The Inventor" SPM Magazine Issue 24 Cover

Charles Lakey "The Inventor" Trick Shots SPM with his unique, yet entertaining style of playing billiards.

Alvarez, "Wonder Boy" SPM Magazine Issue 23 Cover

Wonder Boy hits the cover of SPM Magazine Issue 23!

SPM Magazine Issue 22 Jackie Karol

SPM Magazine Issue 22 Features the Angel of Billiards, Jackie Karol. Not only does she instruct, check some of the trick shots on the cover video! SPM Magazine, the first digital magazine to feature a video cover!

SPM Issue 21 Cover

Thomas VanEck hits the cover of the Special Independence Day Issue of SPM Magazine.

SPM Issue 20 Cover Master (Final)

Emily Duddy adorns the 20th issue of SPM Magazine!

Issue 19 Cover

Greg "Spanky" Hogue of Red Door Den makes his SPM Debut!

SPM Issue 18 Cover

World Champion Kelly Fisher shocks the cover of SPM's 18th issue!

SPM Magazine Issue 17 Cover

Eric Roberts Hits the FIRST EVER VIDEO MAGAZINE COVER for SPM Magazine Issue 17

SPM-Issue 16 Cover

Rodney "The Rocket" Morris adorns the latest issue of SPM Magazine.

SPM-Issue 15 Cover

SPM's 15th Issue Cover Page Artwork

SPM-Issue 14 Cover

SPM's 14th Issue Cover Page Artwork

SPM-Issue 13 Cover

SPM's 13th Issue Cover Page Artwork

SPM-Issue 12 Cover

SPM's 12th Issue Cover Page Artwork

SPM-Issue 11 Cover

SPM's 11th Issue Cover Page Artwork

SPM-Issue 10 Cover

SPM's 10th Issue Cover Page Artwork

SPM-Issue 9 Cover

SPM's 9th Issue Cover Page Artwork

SPM-Issue 8 Cover

SPM's 8th Issue Cover Page Artwork.

SPM-Issue 7 Cover

SPM'S 7th Issue Cover Page Artwork

SPM-Issue 6 Cover

SPM's 6th Issue Cover Page Artwork

SPM-Issue 5 Cover

SPM's Fifth Issue Cover Page Artwork

SPM-Issue 4 Cover

SPM's Fourth Issue Cover Artwork.

SPM-Issue 3 Cover

SPM'S Third Issue Cover Artwork

SPM-Issue 2 Cover

SPM's Second Issue Cover Page Artwork

SPM-Issue 1 Cover

Eric Roberts Stars on the Premier Issue of SPM Magazine.

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