A Letter from the CEO of 
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Sneaky Pete Mafia is about our vast and diverse billiards family. From inception Sneaky Pete Mafia has always been about helping the professional billiards community evolve and gain additional exposure.  This is the mission of the work that we are doing.  Evolution requires change in one form or another, and the future will always bring change.  To ignore our aspiring professional youth would be to ignore the foundations upon which any industry is built. 

They are the future.  Look at all the brave young children traveling the world with their families supporting them following their dreams.  Sneaky Pete Mafia is proud to support these individual’s mission in life, providing exposure to our diverse and vast, worldwide, billiard family.  Through our Sponsors, Advertisers, Partners, and Customers contributions we are able to provide additional funding to the Billiards Education Foundation to help the youth of the industry succeed.  

 Garret Troop 

The CEO of SPM - Sneaky Pete Mafia


With the overwhelming readership, support of the industry and surrounding communities, Sneaky Pete Mafia has become the #1 authority for exposure, information, and entertainment in the billiards industry.  Sneaky Pete Mafia is proud to introduce the next phase in our community inclusion plans.